August 2001 Walt Disney World trip report

Day Three: The Magic Kingdom

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I've had good luck a few different times with getting pictures on the Rocket Jets so I wanted to get one of Michelle here this day, and as long as I was at it I took several.

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Michelle checks out some Pooh ears, I think this was also where I first saw the Space Mountain Audio postcard that I featured in the postcard segment in the first episode of my podcast.

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Who doesn't want to get a few good pictures of the Carousel of Progress? ... perhaps a better question is who actually can get a good picture of the Carousel of Progress? mine seem to be a bit shaky.

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While they are not exactly the Future Corps I was quite pleased to see the Tomorrowland Blast!

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With a new attraction I guess it's only natural to take a few photos of it (above) and from it (below).

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