September 1998

Last hurrah of my first Annual Pass

This page features the last of the pictures from my September 1998 trip to Walt Disney World, if you are wondering why there are no photos of Animal Kingdom which opened earlier that year it is because my Annual Pass was not good at Animal Kingdom as I had purchased it just a few weeks prior to when passes including that park began to be sold in the previous year. So my first visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom occurred in December of 1998 when I attended Mousefest with my friend Chuck Strom. Twenty-three of the twenty-five pictures on this page are of what was my favorite attraction at the Disney-MGM studios The Hunchback Of Notre Dame stage show at the backlot theater. The fact that I took that many pictures may not seem like all that big of an indication of how much I enjoyed this show until you consider this, these were taken with a film camera, so there is none of that digital camera mentality, I really tried to make every picture count, yet I still found many places in this show where there were things I was sure enough that I wanted to take that I used those precious stills for this show, and once again just as with the Horseshoe, and the WDW marching band I'm really glad that I did.

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